Friday, 17 August 2007

Pause for thought

I'm stopping here for a while with the face. Looking at this photo and the one below, it doesn't appear very different, but I've removed quite a lot of wood, attempting to refine it. I have a nasty feeling the head is slightly too big.

I'm going to do a bit to the body, then come back, have another think, then join the head to the body, add the muscle blocks to the neck and finish the carving.

I have ordered several sizes of glass eyes, as I am not sure which will be right. 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. 18mm are only supplied by John and Dorothy Woods, it seems.

They are clear glass eyes with a black pupil, so you can paint the back reddish-brown. This is the type that Headless would have had.


Timber Beast said...

Working on the body looks like a good call. The head looks great. But, the musculature needs fleshing out to be sure.

I will continual to marvel at your artistry. Your silver smithing must come in handy?

Lexi said...

The wax modelling experience helps, though wax is more forgiving.

Also I do a lot of deciding whether A looks better than B, and why, which trains the eye.

But I'm an amateur with wood.

Anonymous said...

This is really shaping up beautifully. I am impressed. And I had no idea that the eyes were clear, and you get to pick the color by painting the background.

I can imagine that carving is a completely different approach to the wax and the ability to add when you have subtracted a tad beyond ideal. I suspect every carver knows where they took too much, but as long as the overall balance is right. . .

Headless is really coming back to life, though. Will you keep him?


Lexi said...

Hi Mary,

Modern eyes are amber glass with a black pupil, and very attractive, but not authentic for a horse this age.

Overall balance...I'll need to take more off, which is a drag, but at least it's not too small. Then I suppose I'd have to start again.

It's hard to part with a horse when you've spent so long on it - but I'll have to eventually or I won't be able to move for horses!

I must find the horse a better name, or he/she will get stuck with 'Headless', poor thing.

rocking horse fan said...

Looking at the quality of your work, your inner critic should be v impressed. I work with mass market Rocking Horses

I think there is room for both

Lexi said...