Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Chipping away anxiously at the new head, I imagine the craftsman who carved Headless more than a hundred years ago watching me.

He's doing a bit of head shaking and eyebrow raising. After all, in the time I've taken so far, he could have carved two or three whole horses. Better.

'Get on with it, girl. And for goodness' sake, put a proper edge on those chisels!'

Bemused, but benign.


Timber Beast said...

Phaw. I say, phah.

That's your inner critic talking. The old craftsman is saying that it's wonderful that you are carrying on a skill that is being lost to mass produced trash.

Everyone learns. One step at a time. Sorry about the cliché, it's the only aphorism I could come up with.

But do keep on with it.

Lexi said...

My inner critic always has a lot to say.

Unlike the old carver, he's around all the time; says his job is maintaining standards.

He's a bit of a pain.

Timber Beast said...

Smack that inner critic up side the head with extreme mallets aforethought.

See what happens when you silence the inner critic? Puns.

Have fun.

Lexi said...

I love a good pun.

A bad one is even better.