Monday, 20 August 2007

Glass eyes

Here are some glass rocking horse eyes; clear 'antique' ones on the left (one pair with the back painted) and amber glass ones on the right.

And a shot of Headless - must find him a name - with eyes temporarily attached with blu-tac.

It's astonishing what a difference eyes make. The horse can see where he's going, for one thing.


Timber Beast said...

He's beautiful.

Now, is the blu-tacked eye antique?

Lexi said...

Yes...and no.

It's a new eye, but antique style, clear glass with a painted back.

From the broken, scratched original eyes I've replaced on other horses, there's little difference. Old ones are maybe a tad less domed than new ones, but given that they are made by hand, there has probably always been some variation.