Tuesday, 24 July 2007

That's better...

I have removed all the non-original parts (except two struts on the top of the stand which will come off later). This is what is left. Paint stripping next.

Normally the first thing I do is name the horse, because you do talk to them while working on them over long months. But I find you can't name a headless horse. It's not possible to gauge its personality minus a head.

Note the beautifully shaped fetlocks, a feature of J & G Lines horses.


Timber Beast said...

So, you will bed giving this horse its personality.

How long will it take to carve a new personality? What tools will you use?

Lexi said...

Thank you for looking in on my seldom-visited new blog.

The first problem is getting the wood, and cutting the profile. My lutemaker friend will help, I hope.

The only thing I have carved before is the lower jaw on a G & J Lines, so this is uncharted territory for me. I am used to modelling in wax, where you can add as well as subtract.

Gouges, chisels, rifflers, flexible drive? I'll be improvising, and doing it in spare time, so it will take ages.