Monday, 30 July 2007

Let's do up the old rocking horse!


  1. All the materials needed to restore a rocking horse may be found in any garden shed or garage.
  2. Quick tip: a power sander will whisk off that old paint finish in a trice.
  3. Always use the longest nails and screws available.
  4. Lots of them, don't stint yourself. It's fun, banging in nails.
  5. Wobbly legs? Safety is paramount. Brace them with steel brackets (available from your local ironmonger). No-one will notice.
  6. Keep a tub of car filler by you for those pesky gaps.
  7. Dapples can be tricky; why not try a fresh white gloss coat with attractive black patches instead?
  8. Be creative when replacing old horsehair. An old mop makes a very acceptable mane and tail, you will find. And don't forget, nice long nails to secure it.
  9. A saddle and bridle can be readily improvised, with a little imagination. Use what you have to hand.
  10. Now doesn't that look nice? The old horse has a new lease of life. A weekend well spent.

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