Sunday, 4 November 2018


Seraphine is a G & J Lines (Zaphod was a J & G Lines) dating from the late 19th century. She's named after the dragon in my novel, Trav Zander.

This is Seraphine as I bought her, with no lower jaw and truly depressing beige paint. I carved her a new jaw and ears, and replaced her missing eyes with new glass ones.

I've now cleaned up her brackets, swing irons and bowler hats with emery paper and painted them black, and started varnishing her stand. Since Zaphod's looked so good with four brushed on coats of Rustin's French Polish, I thought I'd do the same with Seraphine's stand. The turned posts were fine after three coats, but the rest of the stand for some reason is not; the finish is uneven, shiny in some places and matt in others after more than ten coats. I can only think it's the type of pine. The posts are a different wood, I'm guessing beech. Hmm.

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