Thursday, 27 September 2018

Dappling Zaphod

I've started work on Zaphod again. To my shock, I realize it's been ten years nearly to the day since I last worked on him and posted to this blog. What have I been doing? Mostly writing in my spare time rather than rocking horses. Plus the usual life gets in the way stuff.

I've dappled Zaphod, as you can see, and painted his teeth and round his eyes. Dappling is done with black paint and an almost dry stiffish brush, and it's important to hold the pattern in your head and get the fading at the edges right. Being a jeweller, I'm way too perfectionist about this. I'm pleased with how his eyes look. Next step is varnish.

(This is not the tidiest corner of my workshop - note the mousetraps, bottles cut into vases with my new bottle cutter, charging Kindle Fire, 'useful' timber oddments and the offspring's unicycle. I'm decluttering, but haven't reached this bit yet.)

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