Friday, 7 December 2007

Some of my horses...

Reading to rocking horses...

I took this photo (dashing to arrange myself in the ten seconds you get) for publicity purposes. I've entered my novel Trav Zander in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, and entrants are able to load a profile.

A sneaky way to have more than one photo in your profile is to post a photo on a book for sale on Amazon.

This is it; me reading Patricia Mullins' The Rocking Horse.


Anonymous said...

Did you purposely pick out all horses with spots on them? Even the baby one seem to have some patches. (I saw him yawn a bit on the last page.)


Lexi said...

English rocking horses, and pull and push horses, are usually dappled. You find the odd brown or palomino, but they are quite rare.

The dapples are stylized, only appearing on parts of the horse, and were done quickly and expertly with a stiff brush. Beginners find it difficult.

Ayres horses have particularly subtle dappling.

The tiny one is Minty's - he's called Rattle.